"Immersed in the vibrations of the sonic spectrum, designing motion that flows through time"



Halldorotones Vol.1



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Broken Strings Music is a composer collective for motion picture, documentaries, and video games. Following several years of working together, composer-performers Konstantinos Chinis and Ilias Pantelias, moved forward with transforming their collaboration into a creative partnership.The duo firmly believes that all art forms are interconnected. They perceive musical notes as sound and sound as a moving visual image. Therefore, sound is comprised of elements such as light, shadow, movement, colour, and depth. As a result, their creations are an energetic flow between a powerful story that births intricate music and a multilayered sound experience that conveys a powerful story.By revealing and accentuating the odd organic harmonic structures of the halldorophone, they craft their sonic artwork by using ever-changing sequential modulations. This approach reflects a cause and effect interaction, creating their signature sound.


Ilias Pantelias is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer.As a composer, his style merges neoclassical and contemporary drama music elements in a cinematic setting, including folk music influences from diverse corners of the world.He recorded and produced his first album at the age of 19, released by Warner Music Greece.
Since then, his professional engagements in the music industry represent a wide range of productions, including big-budget films to award winning documentaries, and album productions by established contemporary and world music artists. Some of his most notable collaborations account for films Iftarlik Gazoz (Turkey), 1968 and Notias (Greece), Obscuro Barroco (France), Fleurs Noires (Argentina), as well as collaborations with the songwriter/composer Magda Giannikou (USA) and film composer Evanthia Reboutsika (Greece).

Konstantinos Chinis is a composer, cellist, pianist, and the first halldorophone performance practitioner in Greece.He's among the first halldorophone performers in the world, developing and designing a new and unique sound by working closely with the instrument creator himself, Icelandic pioneer and artist Halldór Úlfarsson.As an active composer-performer, Konstantinos has written music for theater, film and TV productions. His compositional style follows a multi-layered approach, where neoclassical minimal melodic patterns meet baroque harmonic gestures, in a contemporary obscure soundscape.Through his performance participation in national workshops, European music festivals and seminars, he has further enhanced his performance techniques learning from internationally acclaimed artists, such as Jordi Savvall, Nicolas Altstaedt, Mischa Maisky, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Angelos Liakakis, Titos Gouvelis and Ulrich Voss.He is a long-time member of the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra, Greek-Turkish Youth Symphony Orchestra, Flex String Ensemble, and Athens Cello Quartet, giving him the opportunity to perform at the top concert halls, theaters, and alternative stages of his country.

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