Custom Music Library & Intuitive Software

It's the dedication to innovation and adaptability that allows us to consistently conjure a different sonic narrative, one that captures the essence of your vision.

Elevate your storytelling with our signature offering specifically designed for film/series producers and game developers.

Dive deep into a pool of custom compositions and musical SFX, meticulously curated to amplify your creative narrative. 

Whether you need a background score, a memorable theme, or an otherworldly soundscape, our team blends creativity and precision to craft music that resonates deeply with your project.

Designing Your Distinctive Sonic Universe:

We introduce you to sounds and instruments that can't be easily replicated. Make use of our full suite of services tailored to your specific needs.

Our commitment is clear: creating exclusive compositions, perfectly attuned to your project's essence.

Revolutionizing Editing Through our Software Plugin:

Navigate your curated music library with ease, supported by an intuitive plugin, designed for efficiency. Our software consists of categorized tracks and a drag-and-drop feature inside your Video or Game Workstation (DaVinci, Premiere, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc).

Access our evolved effect chain, real-time stem mixing, and a curated selection of additional SFX elements such as Whooshes, Hits, Stingers, and Risers perfectly matched to the categorized compositions.

Bypass the mundane cycle of endless searches in multiple libraries, or going back and forth with a composer while you're in a rush to validate your final edits. We prime our tracks for swift customization, ensuring they're always ready for direct server upload if needed.

Premium Library Music:

Experience the luxe feel of original compositions, making high-quality sound accessible.