We employ our production team, to ensure that you get the best in terms of performance, emotion, musicality, audio quality and distinctive character

Rare Instruments

We offer high-end audio recording, with a variety of rare instruments, combining exceptional performers, and experienced guidance to ensure your project’s vision.

Throughout our team of featured artists you can choose from a huge variety of these Unique Instruments and Vocalists (Featured Artists link) creating Intriguing Textures (sound identities link) for your project.

Contact us to guide you finding the appropriate sounds you need for your work.

We can even create a new custom instrument (external collaborators link) for your project, designing a unique musical universe. 

Innovative Recording Techniques & Reactive FX Chains

The recordings we offer are known for their organic sound and three-dimensional quality, employing distinctive recording methods, equipment, and custom sound design techniques.

Throughout our adaptive reactive effect chains, we craft a distinctive sonic realm that invites performers to immerse themselves and actively contribute to the development of your sonic identity.

Utilizing immersive recording techniques, we create a three-dimensional sound space, enhancing the listener's sense of spatial awareness.

Our goal is to deliver our clients' desired creative and stylistic objectives for their media projects, setting them apart in a competitive industry:

- Creative recording (receiving a stereo file).
- External recording (sampling musical objects that can become instruments).
- Immersive recording (Ambisonic recording, or customized spatial recording).

When you choose our service, you will receive:

- A 'DRY' folder containing the RAW Direct Sound.
- An 'FX' folder featuring our reactive effect chain, which can be customized to meet your specific needs.

All recordings are made at a standard of 48K/32bit float.
For Specific sound design treatment, a 96K option is also available.