Video Games Department

We amplify the emotional resonance of your game's storyline.

Ready to provide gamers with an otherworldly auditory experience.

Our specialization lies in the Dark / Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian genre, delivering a distinctive audio experience to each project.

We introduce unconventional sounds that are either exceptionally challenging to replicate or entirely original.In every project, we aim for authenticity while carefully exploring the descriptive and emotional aspects desired.

Elevate your project above the rest.

Let's collaborate to bring your vision to life and surpass the ordinary.

Our team of featured artists are at your disposal. We can even invent entirely new instruments to provide your project with a unique identity.

All our compositions are grounded in these unique sound palettes tailored-made for your project.

We also offer a customized music library in advance, providing inspiration for your developers.

Every sound is designed to meet your project's specific requirements, supported by efficient and time-saving software.

For the entire production, including Music, SFX, and Audio Implementation click here.