Dafne Kritharas (Singer: Middle Eastern / Dark / Experimental)

Dafne, a Paris-based singer/performer and experimental artist, derives her inspiration from the historical convergence of cultures that coexisted for four centuries under the Ottoman Empire.
Her repertoire includes Greek, Sephardic, Bosnian, Armenian, Turkish songs, among others.

With a melodic and melismatic voice, Dafne has explored and evolved various experimental vocal techniques during her journeys in Minor Asia and Balkanian regions.

Kristia Michael (Vocalist and Sound Artist)

Kristia Michael, a vocalist and sound artist, skillfully navigates through pure tones, folk singing techniques, and experimental vocalizations. She is focused on Western and Mediterranean medieval music, while she explores the instrument of the voice in contemporary vocal music. With a unique blend of artistry, she produces angelic to inhuman sounds, earning her frequent and consequent comparisons to a Siren.

Myrto Styloy (Voice Actor: Dark Experimental)

Versatile, and engaging multilingual Voice Actor with over 7+ years of experience in recording a variety of scripts.A professional singer/performer with over 15 years of acting and singing experience.
With a burning passion to keep evolving and experimenting with her voice, whether it is voice acting, dubbing, or singing, her creativity knows no bounds when voicing different versions of a script, bringing a character to life, or even performing in a vast variety of genres.