Dimitris Kountouras (Historical and traditional flutes)

A rich collection of all kinds of wind instruments from the flute family are included. Medieval and Renaissance transverse flutes and recorders with their warm timbre are the predecessors of the more round sounding instruments of the Baroque with base up to soprano sounds.

A special instrument of the collection, a double flute from Bulgaria, called dvoyanka, also known as small bagpipe is an exquisite and intimate flute. Another rarity this time from the Renaissance era is the Gemshorn, an intimate sweet-sounding flute made from horn. Last but not least, pastoral flutes of the Balkan traditions are fascinating with their pure, primitive and direct sound.

Aggelos Liakakis (co-principal cellist of the Athens State Orchestra)

Angelos Liakakis is a co-principal cellist of the Athens State Orchestra.He is a frequent performer, both as a soloist and as a chamber musician. He has given concerts and recitals in major festivals throughout Greece and abroad, having an extensive repertoire, which ranges from the baroque to the contemporary.

His solo appearances include collaborations with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, the Athens and Thessaloniki State Orchestras, the Greek National Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Athens Camerata and Orchester 1756 among others.He has been a member of the renowned New Hellenic Quartet, with which he gave numerous concerts and recorded extensively for the BIS, EMI, Naxos and Legend labels.

Kostas Fortsas (gaida, kaval, ney, souravli)

Kostas Fortsas is an Athens based multi instrumentalist, beatmaker and producer. 

Specialized in folk musical idioms and their microtonal intricacies found around the Eastern Mediterranean he has a long time experience incorporating them into contemporary projects.
His array of instruments includes the clarinet, gaida (balkan type of bagpipes) and various types of regional end blown flutes (kaval, ney, souravli)Some notable collaborations include: Joss Stone, Ojos De Brujo, Marina Satti, Psarantonis.

Alex Mastichiadis (harpsichord, clavichord, and organ)

Alex Mastichiadis (aka Alem), based in Athens, Greece, is an early music keyboardist and sound artist. Specializing in harpsichord, clavichord, and organ, Alex is renowned for merging historical sounds with live electronics, creating a distinctive old/new sonic palette.
With a substantial network of baroque instrumentalists and experimental musicians across Europe, he customizes projects to reveal unique sound visions.

Kelly Mitropoulou (Violinist, Singer & Voice Actor: Classical / Experimental)

Kalliopi is a versatile composer and performer, always between the classical and the pop world.She has worked as a violinist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Contemporary Orchestra, National Opera of Greece and more.Her music is focused on her voice, combined with melted strings and pop experimental sounds.

Orestis Kalampalikis (Guitarist/ Composer)

Orestis Kalampalikis is a Paris-based virtuoso guitarist and composer.

His compositions blend influences of the Greek tradition, his country of origin, with Western musical language and classical forms. In his relentless pursuit of innovative expression, he continually introduces new techniques and playing methods for the guitar.

Orestis has garnered acclaim for his outstanding performances, receiving awards at various international competitions. Additionally, he has achieved success in international composition competitions, winning accolades at the World Guitar Competition in Novi Sad, Serbia (2012), the Lycia Guitar Days in Antalya, Turkey (2014), and the Nilufer Guitar Days in Bursa, Turkey (2015).